Generic Dostinex: Recommendations for Use

cabergolineGeneric Dostinex tablets are used to improve potency and increase sexual desire.

Each tablet contains 0.5 mg of the active component cabergoline, and also other supplementary, non-active components: amino acid leucine and anhydrous lactose. This content is met in expensive tablet of brand Dostinex as well as in the cheap generic.

Generic Dostinex has good tolerance and high pharmacological safety. Therefore, if you already took this medicine before, you may take cabergoline no prescription in the future.

Before using generic Dostinex it is needed to examine the list of contraindications for its use:

If you have one of the above-mentioned contraindications, the use of the drug is impossible.

Cabergoline 0.5 mg is used with high caution in case of:

  • Arterial hypotension or other chronic cardiovascular diseases;
  • Ulcer of the stomach or duodenum;
  • Intestinal bleedings;
  • Renal/hepatic failure (lower doses are recommended).

It is necessary to consult a doctor in case of chronic/acute diseases which may influence the safety and pharmacodynamics.

How to Use Dostinex?

In order to know how to use Dostinex, it is very important to study directions for use. It is better if cabergoline 0.5 mg indication will be controlled by your attending doctor. Overdose or the prolonged use of the tablets may cause severe side effects.

dostinexCabergoline intake is should be started with 2 times a week in the dose of 0.5 mg (for example, on Tuesday and Saturday). Everyday use of cabergoline 0.5 mg is pointless, and it will not lead to a faster result.

If Dostinex indication does not cause side effects in one week, the dosage may be increased up to 1 mg a day, once in 3-4 days.

It is better to take cabergoline no prescription in combination with meals, with a full glass of water. Time of consumption is not important.

The length of the treatment is indicated individually, depending on the speed of lactogenic hormone reduction, increase of testosterone concentration and potency improvement. On average, the treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Medical interaction of Cabergoline 0.5 mg:

  • It is not recommended to take generic Dostinex with ergot alkaloid because these components increase the action of each other, and it may cause overdose;
  • It is contraindicated to take Dostinex with dopamine agonist (phenothiazine, butyrophenone). They weaken the action of Dostinex;
  • Simultaneous use of cabergoline and macrolide antibiotics is contraindicated.