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Dostinex is an affordable and very popular medicine for improvement of the reproductive function of men. Common pills which contain the active component cabergoline quickly improve potency and cause stable sexual drive.

Pfizer is the company that produces cabergoline in the USA, but it is not the only manufacturer of this drug. The largest Indian pharmaceutical companies also produce cabergoline under the trade name of generic Dostinex.

dostinexThe amount of the active component Cabergoline in one tablet of generic Dostinex completely corresponds to its amount in brand Dostinex by Pfizer.

Generic Dostinex costs 3-4 times cheaper than the brand drug, but it has the same pharmacological activity. Cheap generic Dostinex as well as the brand drug is approved by the FDA, and it is allowed to sell the drug within the territory of the USA and Canada.

You may buy Dostinex by Pfizer in any city pharmacy, but it is more beneficial to order cheap generic Dostinex at an online pharmacy, as it is more convenient and takes less time.

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The low cost of generic Dostinex is conditioned by low expenses of Indian manufacturers at marketing and promotion.

cabergoline-buyPfizer spends millions on promotion of the brand name Dostinex within the territory of the USA. All these expenses on advertisement, salary for promoters, marketing studies, etc. are added to the cost of Dostinex tablets. As a result, the price is increased by 3-4 times.

Generic Dostinex is less popular in the world because Indian pharmaceutical companies do not spend such big sums to advertise this trade name, but due to this generic costs cheaper and is affordable for most customers.

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