How Often Should a Man See Urologist?

Male health is an exceptionally important issue that requires much attention, time and care. Regular doctor’s consultations are the guarantee of excellent health and timely treatment. As men age, they experience various disorders caused by natural testosterone decrease and similar processes. Therefore, it is inevitable to keep track of the health state to avoid erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and similar complications.

Male health disorders can develop rather fast, aggravating from simple to severe, so professional medical assistance is what you need to prevent and treat devastating and embarrassing conditions. Specialists recommend seeing the urologist at least every 6 months. The frequency can increase with age, though.

Apart from regular doctor’s inspections and consultations, you may require extra visits, related to specific health complications. The most common reasons why men arrange the urologist’s visit include:

  • Blood in the urine. The condition, which is known as a hematuria serves an early warning or kidney or bladder cancer. Your doctor will advise a urine test, x-rays and several other procedures to exclude severe conditions. Keep in mind that a single time seeing blood in urine is enough to see the urologist;
  • Male infertility. If your partner cannot get pregnant and she is completely healthy, you need to see the doctor. The risk of testicular cancer that causes the disorder is small, but it still exists.
  • Testicular pain or mass. Patients, who experience any masses, nodules or firmness of the testicle should see the urologist. Besides, contact a medical specialist if you are bothered by persistent pain that does not disappear in more than a week.
  • Sex-related abnormalities are the most frequent male complaints. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation bring ultimate discomfort and prevent males from a healthy and active lifestyle. Such conditions may have various reasons, including physical and psychological. It is inevitable to receive proper medical assistance to avoid aggravation.

Striving to avoid emergency cases, a man should visit the doctor regularly and obtain all the necessary treatments and improvements of minor disorders.