Key Enemies of Male Potency

A decreased desire to have sex and the inability to maintain and hold an erection are among the most common male health problems. 8 out of 10 males have experienced problems gaining and holding an erection at least once in their lives. However, while random problems with sexual functioning are a normal state of things, permanent complications and failures achieving a steady erection is a reason for concern. Therefore, finding out and elimination of potential impotence triggers will help you stay sexually active and avoid unpleasant and embarrassing situations.

Top 5 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Taking into account medical information, all the possible reasons for the erectile dysfunction are classified into three groups, including:

  • Physical;
  • Psychological;
  • Mixed.

However, here we will specify the most common disorders that are easy to avoid:

  • Alcohol. While alcohol is a significant part of many parties, not many men know about its harmful influence on the organism. The overwhelming majority of men bring strong beverages to relax and enjoy the moment, but what do they receive? A complete inability to achieve and hold an erection. What is the reason? Alcohol can interfere with the blood muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Decreasing these functions, alcohol makes it difficult to gain and enjoy an erection.
  • Coffee. It is one of the most fearsome enemies of male potency. Increased caffeine concentration in the organism makes blood vessels get narrow, preventing even the onset of the intercourse.
  • Stress. Constant or prolonged stress launches cortisol production, which leads to depression, obesity, and other complications. Erectile dysfunction is frequently one of them.
  • Cigarettes. The fact that smoking has a harmful impact on your organism is well-known. But, only a few males know about its devastating influence on the erectile function. Tobacco stimulates the blood vessel spasm all around the body, and the reproductive system is not an exception.
  • Medications. A considerable number of pharmaceuticals have a bad influence on sexual desire. Some of them can also interfere with the process of erection achievement. Discuss the condition with your doctor to ensure none of the remedies cause the problem.