Delayed Ejaculation and Effective Treatment Options

Delayed or retarded ejaculation is an inability or difficulty to ejaculate and reach orgasms. There are different factors that cause this medical condition, both psychological and physical. If it takes longer than half an hour of penetrative sex for a man to ejaculate, despite healthy erections, it’s considered to be retarded ejaculation. Are there any effective solutions to this problem?

Available Treatment Options

Physical causes include adverse reactions to some medications, the intake of recreational drugs, alcohol, aging, nerve damage, etc. Some of the most common psychological factors that trigger delayed ejaculation include unexpressed anger, religious beliefs, fear, early life history, abuse, confidence issues, and others.

Delayed EjaculationOnce the main cause of this condition is identified, professional counselors try to treat it, so the prescribed treatment depends on the cause. For example, if the intake of SSRIs is responsible for retarded ejaculation, doctors prescribe alternative medications. If non-prescription drugs or excessive alcohol are the factors that cause it, eliminating or reducing them will help. If there are underlying medical conditions, such as neurological issues, managing them will help men to get rid of delayed ejaculation.

However, the primary causes of this condition may not be so straightforward to diagnose and treat. They require professional help of psychotherapists, sex therapists, and other experts. Psychologists claim that there’s no intervention that will work for all male patients, and that’s why a successful treatment of retarded ejaculation starts with identifying the main source of this health problem and determining the most appropriate therapy to get rid of those psychological factors that trigger it.

The good news is that certain medications may improve the symptoms of this condition, but it’s worth noting that none of them is approved to treat it:

  • Buspar (anti-anxiety drug);
  • Symmetrel (used to treat Parkinson’s disease);
  • Periactin (allergy medicine).

To sum it all up, the success of any treatment for delayed ejaculation depends on its causes and type.