Top 10 Facts about Male Physiology

What is an erection? What is the meaning of ejaculation? Why is orgasm important for men? These are the common questions every woman knows the answers to. However, striving to have maximally pleasurable and satisfactory sex, it is inevitable to be aware of other specifications of the male body and sex-related functions:

What is the meaning of ejaculation

  • The length of the erected penis increases. According to numerous studies, the size of the erected penis can increase up to several inches. From among 1,500 of men, 5.57 inch is the average length, while it can vary from 1.57 up to 10.23;
  • Male nipples are exceptionally sensitive. That is one of the male body peculiarities women frequently don’t even suspect. Nipples usually serve an erogenous zone not only for women, but also men;
  • The foreskin has feeling. While over 40 percent of males are uncircumcised, they can experience extra feelings within the area;
  • Male skin is thicker than female. That depends on the part of the body, but in certain areas, the skin of a man can be up to 0.2 mm thicker than of a woman. Therefore, you should not be gentle, especially during massage or other processes;
  • Male orgasm lasts for 6 seconds, while average female one is about 20 seconds;
  • Male beard contains over 15 thousand follicles. That’s the reason, why even a clean shaved man can rough you up;
  • Oral sex can enhance the size of the penis. Following the results of certain studies, the size of the penis may be bigger after oral sex rather than after vaginal one;
  • Specific sex positions can enhance erection, postpone ejaculation and trigger sexual pleasure for men. It is important to learn any of the poses in order to experience maximal pleasure and prolong an intercourse;
  • Men need regular sex more than women. While abstinence doesn’t usually influence the health of a woman, serious health disorders and complications may bother men, who don’t have sex for a considerable period of time;
  • There are two types of male genitals, including growers and showers.

Being aware of these most important features of male sexual health can influence the quality of the intercourse and pleasure received. Women should mind these peculiarities in order to please their partners.