Most Common Female Sexual Disorders

When you hear the phrase sexual disorder, the first thought is male sex issue. However, the results of the recent research showed that women suffer from sexual distress as often as men. Recurrent and persistent complications with sexual desire, response, pain or orgasm can be combined in the group of female sexual dysfunction. These abnormalities do not depend on age or stage in life; they can be either acquired or lifelong. Besides, you can witness the symptoms of the problems either in specific sexual situations or anytime you want to have pleasurable sex.

It is known that quality sexual relationship is a complex of emotions, beliefs, relations, lifestyle, physiology and experience. The disorder of any component can interfere with such important processes, as arousal, sexual desire, satisfaction and similar sex-related issues.

The most common symptoms of sexual disorders include:

  • Sexual arousal impairments. The condition presupposes weak sexual desire with further arousal problems. Besides, a woman cannot get sexually aroused, maintaining the feeling up to the end of the intercourse;
  • No sexual desire or its considerable decrease. Being the most common sex-related impairment, it involved low or absent sexual interest and desire to be sexual;
  • Pain disorder is related mainly to vaginal contact or sexual stimulations;
  • Orgasmic disorders are characterized by complications to achieve an orgasm after proper sexual arousal.

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Causes, Risk Factors and Possible Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

Considering sexual disorders, women can experience them because of numerous physical and psychological reasons. Certain underlying health problems can stimulate the appearance of sexual issues. Patients, who are diagnosed or have experienced any of these issues, are in the risk group of sex dysfunction emergency:

  • Kidney or liver failure;
  • Blood vessel or heart disease;
  • Anxiety, depression, panic attack;
  • Medication intake, neurological problems, etc.

It is important to prevent the dysfunction before it has started bothering you. Keep in mind the answer to the question “how does female ejaculation occur”, so that you could be aware of possible impairments you can face. Contact your medical specialist if the disorder aggravates and becomes more severe.