Possible Reasons for Depression Occurrence

Feeling down, sadness and no interest in daily activities are the main symptoms of depression, but not always. Every person can experience these disorders from time to time, though depression in something different. If these disorders aggravate and interfere with your daily life substantially, then it may be called depression.

According to the information presented by the World Health Organization, depression is the most widely spread condition, which frequently leads to disability. Over 350 million people suffer from the issue.

As for its symptoms, the condition can seem ultimately different, depending on the situation and overall health state of a patient. The most commonly reported signs include:

  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness;
  • Decreased energy and fatigue;
  • Depressed mood;
  • Reasonless weight loss;
  • No appetite;
  • Hypersomnia or insomnia;
  • Slurred speech and slow motions;
  • Impaired thinking;
  • Suicidal thoughts or deeds, etc.

possible reasons for depression occurrence

Timely diagnosing can help provide the necessary help and prevent possible complications. However, to get the required medical assistance, you need to provide a healthcare specialist with detailed information about your current health state and possible depression causes. Despite this issue has not been completely studied yet, it is possible to specify possible reasons for its development:

  • Genetics;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Biological, mainly changes in the level of neurotransmitters within the brain;
  • Psychological;
  • Social.

Additionally, there are numerous groups of people who have an increased risk of depression appearance. Dostinex depression negative reactions have been reported several times, which helps you understand that pharmaceuticals can also trigger such a harmful condition as depression. Besides, certain life events, genetic factors, personality, childhood trauma, part head injury, chronic pain syndrome and other things can contribute to further development of depression. It is inevitable to remember that women are more prone to suffer from mood disorders than men, so they should track their health state more thoroughly and frequently.