Should a man have vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a very popular procedure among men all over the world. It is an unforced surgery when deferent ducts are tied up or eliminated in men. As a result, a man loses an ability to have children but he keeps his sexual functions. This procedure is identical to the female one, and it is prescribed men who already have children and do not want to keep a reproductive function in the future.

How does ejaculation occur after vasectomy?

After the vasectomy, sperm is still produced unlike castration. Ejaculation still happens during the sexual intercourse but this liquid does not contain spermatozoa.

Vasectomy is considered an effective way of the contraception only in several months after the surgery, and so the alternative contraception should be used during this period.

A popularity of this procedure among men comes from the very high efficiency, and a surgery is rather fast and goes without any discomfort.

how does ejaculation occur after vasectomy

Advantages of vasectomy:

  • The efficiency of vasectomy is 99,9%. This rate is ahead of the birth control methods such as condoms, birth control pills and sterilization of women by means of the tubal ligation.
  • The procedure is simple and may be done on an ambulatory basis, with local anesthesia. A surgery takes about 30 minutes
  • Risks of complications from surgeries and side effects do not normally occur
  • The male sexual function is completely kept after the surgery
  • Vasectomy does not influence on the production of the male sexual hormones, and all testicular functions are kept

Vasectomy does not affect the quality of erection, libido, and sexual health in general. Therefore, if a man wants a safe guarantee of the sterility, this method is the safest and most reliable one.

Disadvantages of vasectomy

  • The method is constant (inconvertible) and a patient may regret about this decision.
  • A man may have light pain or discomfort after the vasectomy like after any light surgery.
  • It does not protect against HIV-infection and sexually-transmitted diseases
  • In some cases, a spontaneous recovery of the deferent ducts capability is possible, and so there is a risk of the unwanted pregnancy.

In general, vasectomy has the right to exist because it has more advantages than disadvantages. However, a decision to have this surgery must be considered and serious, because it is done once for life. A man may probably change his mind and will want to have children but he will not be able to.