Do not let a conflict escalate into a quarrel

Conflicts are a normal thing in the mutual relations of two or more adult people. Even relatives have conflicts as a result of which every part tries to fight their corner or achieve any result. It is sometimes impossible to avoid or completely remove it but these fights should have a constructive settlement and avoid quarrels.

If a conflict may be constructive and people come to a consensus at the end, none constructive proposals happen during a quarrel.

A main difference of a conflict from a quarrel is: in the first case, people rely on logic and thinking, and in case of a quarrel, people often rely on emotions. Therefore, psychologists highly recommend spouses to learn how to conflict, without quarrels.

how to correctly retire from conflict

If a conflict situation is simulated, one may even win. Bear in mind that a conflict brings changes and allows people to learn lessons and perfect themselves. A conflict stimulates curiosity and imagination, it gets rid of monotony in life. When a conflict is reduced, closer and warmer relations may be set between the partners.

But in order to avoid a quarrel and get a profit of this situation, it is necessary to remember and follow several rules:

  • Do not achieve a win. It is the main condition to solve a conflict in the family. If you go to the mat and try to win your partner, it would be your personal win that may offend your partner. Due to this, fights happen: one partner tries to press another.
  • Learn to forgive and forget offences. Even if your partner stated your mistakes during the conflict, it is necessary to estimate this information sanely and avoid these mistakes in the future. Do not keep anger and offence and do not try to repay your ambition through the next conflicts.
  • Try to find out a psychology of your partner. It is very important for young families who just start their family life. A partner may open in a different way in every conflict situation, and it will help to read him/her in details. Then you will know when to stop and when to achieve a solution or a problem.
  • The frequent conflicts may appear because of the strong binding to each other. Tyr an emotional divorce that is manifested in alienation of affections between the partners. Be away from each other for a while, emotionally. Do not talk to each other for some time. A loneliness will cause an understanding that an emotional closeness is very important for people, and it will bring you together.