Causes of the low sexual drive in women

A subject of the female libido is rather seldom discussed in the medical literature. However, in practice, women often complain of a decrease of the sexual drive and loss of satisfaction during the sexual activity.

The female libido has a rather complicated nature. According to different data, completely various factors can affect the female sexual drive. But the conducted clinical studies prove that an emotional state plays a great role in the formation of the female libido. Scientists record that a lack of confidence in a partner or in own hotness bother women to feel a sexual drive.

Therefore, one of the important causes of the low sexual drive in women is an unstable psychoemtional state. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress directly influence on the female libido.

The second cause is a low level of the male sexual hormones. Yes, the female body has also testosterone but in a lower amount than in men. Searches have proved that women with lower level of testosterone take a less interest in sex. And women who have physical activity and more testosterone in the body take more interest in the sexual activity.

Moreover, a low level of testosterone may be related to the high concentration of prolactin hormone. Prolactin is very important during pregnancy and lactation, and psychoemotional disorders. And doctors record that the low sexual drive is associated with it. A lot of prolactin is produced during stress or depression, and it causes a reduced level of testosterone and low sexual drive.

Most sexologists tend to an opinion that it is enough to regulate an emotional state, and libido will grow. But it does not always help. In order to regulate the level of the hormones and increase libido, scientists recommend taking Dostinex.

Dostinex positive effects consist in blocking a production of prolactin and reducing its concentration in the blood. Due to this, a woman will have a normal level of testosterone, and it will stimulate a sexual drive.

The use of the drug is absolutely safe, and the effect is obvious after the first use and is kept within a long period.