How does modern medicine estimate homeopathy?

None field in the medical science has had such history as homeopathy. Homeopathy is considered a pseudo-science but disputes have been still carried on, and even scientists cannot give an evaluative judgement at this stage.

Homeopathy is one of the directions of the alternative medicine. The main principle of homeopathy is a replacement of similar things by similar actions. It helps to detect a cause of the disease and remove its manifestation, and also improve the health and prevent a development of the relapses in the future. This method was developed by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann at the end of the 18 century.

The homeopathy treatment suggests a complete medical examination of a patient, detecting all disease symptoms, and a doctor asks about all details and nuances. Then a doctor selects one homeopathic medication which will cope with all symptoms at the same time. But the peculiarity of the treatment with homeopathic drugs consists in the use of a low dose of the active ingredient.

Homeopathists believe that if a concentrate with the active ingredient is diluted by 30 times, the power of the drug grows. But as a result, after these procedures, a dose of the drug will have a low part of the active ingredients, and the rest of it will be liquid that does not have pharmacological characteristics.

treatment of the premature ejaculation in homeopathy

And it does not matter what you have: pills or solutions for the injections, all homeopathic products have a very low dose of the active ingredient, and therefore the modern medicine is skeptical as to this method.

The matter is that all fields of the medicine have the evidentiary foundation. It all builds on experiments and tests. In homeopathy, a theory is usually the base, and it is rather difficult to estimate such field.

Homeopathists deny all criticism on the part of the followers of the traditional medicine by saying that a principle of the individual selection of the homeopathic medication is not followed: the disease was treated, not a patient. Therefore, homeopathists believe that the standard tests of the homeopathic medicines are impossible.

Despite all disagreements in the medicine, homeopathy is not harmful for a human. In some cases, this science is even useful and should be used for the treatment of people.

Most diseases (people go to homoepathists) pass or are light and do not require a medical intervention. For example, the treatment of the premature ejaculation in homeopathy happens by several times faster and easier.

A man takes a homeopathic product that does not have the active ingredients, but the brain thinks that it is working. It does not focus on the problem and can relax, and it helps to increase a length of the sexual intercourse by several times.

As a result, a man do not have to use ointments, cream and other products to reduce a sensitivity of the penis and treat the premature ejaculation. It is simple because most diseases come from our brain. And if homeopathy may teach us to cope with neuroinduction about a disease, it may lead to a breakthrough in the medicine.