What to do during delayed ejaculation?

Most men fear failures in the bedroom related to the premature ejaculation. Every man has had an awkward feeling when ejaculation occurred quickly, and neither you, nor your partner know how it has happened.

But there is a group of men who do not have this problem because of another peculiarity – a retarded ejaculation. 

Retarded ejaculation is the most underexplored sexual disorder in men. The symptoms of this disorder are quite interesting: to have ejaculation, a man needs a long-term sexual intercourse, or additional oral or manual stimulation. In other words, a man can have a very active sex within several hours without coming close to ejaculation.

Many men may just dream of it except men who have difficulties with having orgasm every day. In severe cases, a man is not able to have ejaculation at all, and he does not have any relaxation. A sexual life is required not only to have pleasure but also to keep health.

retarded ejaculation treatment

What are disadvantages of the retarded ejaculation?

Many men facing the late ejaculation tell about a low quality of the sexual life:

  • First, they are not able to get an emotional and physical satisfaction and constantly experience strain.
  • Secondly, they suffer from a serious emotional discomfort that may lead to the lost erection.
  • Thirdly, retarded ejaculation may cause rift in relations because a partner may think that she cannot satisfy her man and is not attractive for him anymore.

Every sexual intercourse turns into a work during the retarded ejaculation. A man tries to have ejaculation within several hours, but he is not able to. It affects him, as well as his woman who cannot relax and get satisfaction during the sexual intercourse.

Retarded ejaculation treatment includes diagnostics and therapeutic procedures. This diagnosis is often related to the neurological disorders.

A low sensitivity and late ejaculation may happen because of the disorder of the innervation of the genitals. It may be caused by prostatitis, vesiculitis, colliculitis, or pelvic bones fractures and surgeries on the organs of the small pelvis, and spinal cord. Sexual infections may also be a cause of it.

Psychological factors may become a cause of this disorder: fear to fail, feeling of guilt, aggression, stress, depression, and others.

In fact, there are a lot of cause of the late ejaculation as well as causes of the premature ejaculation. Therefore, a man noticing this problem has to go to an urologist or sexologist who will do diagnostics and prescribe a treatment.

The retarded ejaculation passes, if the main cause is removed. A man usually do not use additional procedures or do not have a rehabilitation.

Bear in mind: sexual disorders are just a consequence of the severe pathological processes in the body.