Premature ejaculation is not a reason to refuse from the relations with girls

The premature ejaculation may unexpectedly happen only in 5% of cases. It is often related to a high sexual arousal and uncontrolled sexual desire. In the rest 95% cases, the premature ejaculation is not just a simple coincidence.

According to the results of the clinical studies, the premature ejaculation is the second common male sexual disorder.

A duration of the normal sexual intercourse usually depends on many factors: age of a man, frequencies of the sexual intercourse, a degree of the sexual arousal, poses, activity of a partner during the sexual intercourse, and others. Girls usually need more time to have a satisfaction during sex. Therefore, men have to use their skills in order to prolong the onset of the ejaculation.

However, in case of the pathological premature ejaculation, it is impossible to control this process. It may cause relationship break-up and bother a man to build strong relations.

reason to refuse from the relations with girls

A sexual life is an inherent part in any relations, and that is why the main task of a man is to adjust the sexual function and delay ejaculation.

Men with premature ejaculation often refuse from the sexual relations, and it just makes it worse. The seldom the man has sex, the faster the ejaculation will happen. A sensitivity of the nerve endings in the penis will be high, and it will prevent having a normal sexual intercourse.

How ejaculation can be delayed?

There are several simple ways to postpone the onset of the ejaculation during the sexual intercourse:

  • Use barrier methods which will slightly lower the sensitivity during the sexual activity
  • Use Dapoxetine increasing a duration of the sexual intercourse
  • Have an active sexual life
  • Find poses where you can control your ejaculation
  • Use Kegel exercises
  • Give up bad habits

These recommendations will help you to delay the onset of ejaculation. But the safest method is to see a doctor and find a cause of this pathology. In most cases, it is enough to remove a cause of the premature ejaculation, and this problem will disappear in the man’s life.