Causes to stop lactation

There is no better food than breast milk for a baby in the first months of life. It contains all required proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and microelements, and it is also well digested by the newborn body. Moreover, the breast milk is the most natural product the use of which does not cause allergy, or other side effects.

Today, many young mothers concern about the breast-feeding. Some of them plan to maintain lactation for a long period and breast-feed as long as possible. But the plans are not always implemented.

There are various causes why a woman should stop lactation (regardless of the woman’s desire). If a woman is not going to breast-feed after giving a birth, or there are doctor’s recommendations, it is necessary to stop the lactation.

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The main causes to stop lactation are:

  • Tumor: a pharmaceutical therapy with beaming or chemotherapy is required
  • Attack of herpes
  • A long-term use of antibiotics, antidepressants, or other medications that are incompatible with lactation. The breast-feeding must be terminated before the use of the medications.
  • HIV infection, tuberculosis, or other severe chronic diseases of a mother
  • Lactase deficiency of a newborn

This list is not final. Sometimes, a woman does not want to restrict herself and deal with breast-feeding, so that she terminates the lactation the next day after labours. Everybody knows that a woman has to follow her diet, refuse from alcohol, have a healthy lifestyle, and others during the breast-feeding.

It is not a problem to use formula feeding. The problem consists in a termination of the lactation process. Some women are not able to stop lactation within several months. It causes a great discomfort: breast pain, regular expressing milk, and others.

There are many methods to terminate lactation. Some people recommend natural ways, special gymnastics, procedures, and others. But only a pharmaceutical way to inhibit lactation can guarantee 100% effect.

Dostinex is a hormone product to stop lactation in a day. It is harmless for women, and works by means of the reduced production of prolactin. A woman should not take the pills for days and spend weeks.

Doctors have proved that the effective Dostinex dosage to stop lactation is 1 mg. A woman should take 0,5 mg two times. The lactation is stopped within two days. This way, you can quickly use formula feeding and you will not have any discomfort and breast pain.