Smoking and alcohol may lead to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction gets younger. If 20 years ago, this diagnose was registered in 80% men at the age of over 40, now there are men at the age of 25-35 who have a weak potency.

A cause of the erectile dysfunction at young age is often unhealthy lifestyle and chronic intoxication of the body by some poisons. These poisons include nicotine and ethanol.

Cigarettes and alcohol are the most harmful for the male body because they are officially allowed and for sale at every turn. Lighting up a cigarette, or having beverage drinks, men do not think how this dose may cause a sexual dysfunction. It happens because an informative company about a harm of alcohol and smoking is not really promoted.

cause of the erectile dysfunction

In order to know how smoking and alcohol worsens the potency, it is necessary to know the mechanism of the erection:

  • A man has erection as a result of the “interaction” between the blood circulatory system and central nervous system.
  • The arterial blood goes to the fistular cavernous bodies of the penis through the small blood vessels.
  • A man has erection due to the increased blood circulation and intensive agitation by means of the stimulation of the nerve receptors.

Nicotine is a very strong vasoconstrictor agent affecting the blood vessels in two directions:

  • First, it causes spasms of the muscle fibers in the blood vessels, and it has a bad influence on the walls of the arteries, work of heart, lungs, eyes, and internal organs.
  • Secondly, it affects the walls of the blood vessels, so that their ability to relax is affected.

Alcohol is a killer of liver, hormone system, and nervous system.

  • Alcohol affects the cells of the liver, so that hormone imbalance appears, and the male hormones are gradually replaced by the female ones.
  • Alcohol breaks the cells of the nervous system, so that the body reaction to the sexual arousal becomes weaker, and libido drops.
  • Ethanol increases the blood pressure, and it causes the affection of the blood vessels and a destruction of the blood circulation in the penis.

Each of these ingredients is very dangerous for the male body. But many use them together, so that a toxic action on the body grows. Due to this, the speed of the sexual pathologies is increased, and men at the age of 30-35 already notice the first symptoms of the erectile dysfunction.