Top 10 Facts about Male Physiology

What is an erection? What is the meaning of ejaculation? Why is orgasm important for men? These are the common questions every woman knows the answers to. However, striving to have maximally pleasurable and satisfactory sex, it is inevitable to be aware of other specifications of the male body and sex-related functions: Continue reading

Delayed Ejaculation and Effective Treatment Options

Delayed or retarded ejaculation is an inability or difficulty to ejaculate and reach orgasms. There are different factors that cause this medical condition, both psychological and physical. If it takes longer than half an hour of penetrative sex for a man to ejaculate, despite healthy erections, it’s considered to be retarded ejaculation. Are there any effective solutions to this problem? Continue reading

How to Discuss Sexual Problems with Wife?

Sexual problems for males are the most complicated to admit and discuss. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is frequently diagnosed at serious stages, when reduction of the source will not help. However, people, who have difficulties staying long, should discuss the problem with their partner if not with the medical specialist, trying to find effective solutions. Continue reading